Hi! I'm Ramesha Nicole.

Thank you for visiting my website. My mission here on Earth is simple: to EMPOWER Christian millennials to heal from past traumas through the power of forgiveness.

After running from own my pain and trauma, I discovered that forgiveness is what the Holy Spirit would use to deliver me from mental and emotional turmoil. Unfortunately, due to the fear of the hurts and pains (and myself), I landed in an 8-week outpatient therapy program due to the diagnosis of anxiety and depressive mood disorder with suicide ideations. It was a really low and dark season for me.

Throughout the course of my journey, by God's grace I've worked on not only forgiving others, but learning HOW to forgive myself.

I've had to disrupt the negative thought patterns and belief systems regarding what I’d experienced. I had to ​forgive not just the act, but the impact. While still a process, it's necessary to fulfilling my God given destiny.

Research shows many health benefits linked to forgiveness. I’m here to help you experience those positive ​benefits. Are you ready to take the first step?

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The Ramesha Nicole Show Podcast is a ​show where I teach you how to heal from ​trauma using the power of forgiveness. Here I ​teach you that it's not just about the act, but ​the impact. It's about forgiving God, others, as ​well as HOW and WHY you must forgive ​yourself.


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